Grundsätzlich können wir von einzelnen Komponenten oder Baugruppen bis zur schüsselfertigen Umrüstung alles anbieten. Unsere Komponenten können dabei sehr vielseitig eingebaut werden. Neben allen möglichen Fahrzeugen, sind auch Anwendungen in Baumaschinen und Heimspeichern für z.B. PV-Anlagen möglich.

There are hardly any limits to the possibilities. We are curious about your project idea and would be happy to advise you.

The two main factors for the range are, on the one hand, the available installation space or the maximum permissible load and, on the other hand, the budget.

In general, you can expect a consumption of about 15-20kWh/100km. This in turn depends on the vehicle weight, the air resistance and the driving style.


As a rule, we work closely with the German TÜV throughout the entire conversion process to ensure that the requirements are met in full, thereby avoiding complaints at the individual inspection.

We are also happy to help you with the individual acceptance of your conversion project!

Although the installation of an electric motor has significantly reduced the maintenance effort, a small service check should be carried out at least every 12 months. Wear parts, operating materials and fastenings are checked to prevent failures.

We also offer this service for vehicles that have not been converted by us.

The main inspection and brake fluid change are due every 2 years.

Like any other electric vehicle, you can use any standard socket (please always pay attention to the maximum current!) and any public charging station for charging.

We use mostly proven components from the automotive sector and thus parts that have been developed and tested for mobile use. This means you benefit from long-term and almost worldwide availability.

Für einen Umbau kann man von 20000€ bis 90000€ für die benötigten Teile rechnen. Falls wir noch keine Entwicklung am umzurüstenden Auto realisiert haben, sind die Kosten für diese weiter mit zu beachten. 

The main cost factor is always the battery. Here again, it depends on what range is desired. Depending on the application, a certain power output of the battery is required. As a rough rule, one can assume 400-1,000€ per 10km range. The size and weight of the respective vehicle influence the range accordingly. 

The costs of the remaining components are usually in the range of 5,000 - 15,000€, depending on the complexity of the application. High-performance applications are correspondingly more expensive due to the increased performance and also complexity (water cooling of the battery, etc.).

Added to this are development and production costs corresponding to the respective effort. A more unusual project will understandably take considerably more time than a conversion that has already been implemented in a comparable way.

Depending on the scope, complexity and order situation, the conversion can take up to 6 months.

The installation of a basic conversion kit (e.g. VW Beetle) should usually be feasible within 1-2 weeks.

First of all, the budget should be determined. Any restoration work on the donor vehicle that is necessary for registration should also be considered. 
When choosing a vehicle, you should also pay attention to the payload or the maximum permissible total weight.

Die Wahl des Batteriepakets hängt von den Faktoren Budget, Zuladungsgewicht/Bauraum und der gewünschten Reichweite ab.

Anschließend sollte entschieden werden, ob der Elektromotor an das Originalgetriebe geflanscht werden soll, was die Kosten der Antriebswellen spart aber mögliche Nachteile in der Zuverlässigkeit, Geräuschbildung und potentiellen Leistung mit sich bringt.  Alternativ kann man eine Elektromotor/Getriebe-Einheit verwendet, was in der Regel weniger Bauraum, ein geringeres Gewicht, höhere Zuverlässigkeit, geringere Geräusche und einen besseren Wirkungsgrad bringt.
Bei der Wahl der Antriebsgröße sollte sich an der ursprünglichen Fahrzeugleistung orientiert werden, für welche Bremse und Fahrwerk ausgelegt wurden.

Bei der Wahl der Ladeleistung bzw. Ladetyps kann sich nach den persönlichen Gegebenheiten bzw. Bedürfnissen gerichtet werden. Zur täglichen Nutzung empfiehlt sich eine höhere Ladeleistung.

Ebenfalles bieten wir auch Lösungen zu Funktionen wie z.B. Heizung, Servolenkung, Klimaanlage, Bedienelemente etc..

Recuperative braking, i.e. energy recovery which uses deceleration energy to charge the traction battery, is available in all our conversions with different levels and can be switched off. (TÜV requirement)

In addition to the range, this also increases the service life of the mechanical brake.

In theory, auxiliary units such as power steering and air conditioning can be "simply" replaced by electrical, equivalent components. However, commissioning third-party components is more of a challenge than finding suitable components.

This also applies to supposedly simple functions such as cruise control or auxiliary heating. Theoretically, however, everything is possible.

Our conversion kits are for the most part truly 'plug-and-play', so for the most part no further welding, soldering or programming is required.

Anyone who has the confidence to remove an internal combustion engine and run a few cables through the vehicle should be able to install a conversion kit with the help of the conversion instructions and our support.

However, it should be clear to everyone that our components have to be worked with high voltage. Previous electrical training is therefore necessary!

If necessary, aids such as a lifting platform, a gear jack and/or an engine crane are required.

Vehicle conversions for which we do not offer a conversion kit require certain specialist knowledge and should be accompanied by a TÜV expert to facilitate the subsequent individual acceptance. Here, too, we are happy to offer our support and are at your disposal with our experience.

We give a 1-year warranty on all components installed by us. Should a defect need to be repaired after this period, we will endeavour to help quickly and unbureaucratically.

You want to become a part of the future now, or you still have questions?